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Here’s is great news to everyone , do you like pimped cars ? How about  modify your own car to Need for speed World , Fast 5 , Fast and furious replica and etc ? Loud sound system , Bigger spinning rims ? Here’s the things : To all people out there , there is a chances of getting featured in MTV pimp my ride . All you just have to do is ….. Become a part of nuffnanger and start blogging . 😀 and For X pax user , You guys are free to join in the contest and win it big for MTV pimp my ride . 😀

further detail  :

Celcom Malaysia ;

Having this wonderful competition for Xpax user . It is recommended to all X pax user to sign up and win upto RM10’000 Ringgit worth of Gadget , Not for few month duration but DAILY . So what you guys waiting for ? Go and Try it out . 😀

Have you heard? Xpax has been giving out amazing gadgets everyday worth RM10,000 for their Whatchuwant campaign! *gasps* RM10,000 per day?! Yes, PER DAY! And the prizes are super awesome as well like the Samsung 40” Full HD LED TV, the Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0” and Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100! All these exclusively for Xpax members!

It’s all very jaw dropping but how do you join? It’s actually really easy because all you have to do is just DIAL *128# to pick any of the Whatchuwant packs customized for your needs and stand a chance to win these awesome gadgets daily. Simple as that, forget hunting down the perfect man or woman, this is so much easier and much more fun!

How you ask? It’s simple, just follow the steps below. Want to find out more? Click here!

Now, if you think the gadgets are already awesome, you’re going to love this even more!Whatchuwant is giving away a once in a lifetime opportunity to Xpax members to have their ride pimped with MTV Pimp My Ride on special SURPRISE DAYS! Meaning, on these surprise days, instead of the gadgets worth RM10,000 when you pick any of the Whatchuwant pack, you’ll stand a chance to give your ride a complete makeover. PLUS, the winners will be featured on the first ever MTV Pimp My Ride show in Asia!

There will be a few surprise ‘Pimp My Ride’ prizes throughout the entire Whatchuwantcampaign period and will be announced on So make sure you tune in to catch those special days!

NOW, CALLING OUT TO ALL NUFFNANGERS! It is definitely a privilege to be in the pack! *Drumroll* In conjunction with the Whatchuwant mechanics, Xpax is extending an opportunity exclusively to one Nuffnanger to have their ride pimped by MTV Pimped My Ride too in ourWHATCHUWANT CONTEST! Yes, Pimped! Spinner wheels, powerful stereo, a ride that turns your heads wherever you go!

While you’re jumping around, cheering and celebrating, you should also know that if you’re chosen as the winner, you’ll also have the once in a lifetime chance to be featured on MTV just like the Xpax Whatchuwant MTV Pimp My Ride winners!

How to join:
1. Share with your readers the Xpax Whatchuwant campaign including the RM10,000 gadgets given out daily for Xpax members!
2. Tell your readers about the surprise “Pimp My Ride” days for Xpax members. For more information click here.
3. Show us your ride – Photos are compulsory.
4. Tell us if you could have anything in your ride, what would it be?
5. Write in your blog post the reasons why your ride is pimp-worthy and we should choose YOUto be the winner of this awesome ride changing experience! 😀
6. Fill in your details in the form below and you’re done!


So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers, it’s time for you to treat your ride with some TLC and it’s time for MTV to Pimp Your Ride! Isn’t this Whatchuwant? Hurry up Nuffnangers! Contest ends 12.00pm, 21st October 2012 (Friday).

bloggie .

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Thought you were died .

Today 13 of july , you alive .


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Weirdest part . 
I'm at hospital kuala lumpur , accompany my dad who is doing surgery on monday . I got defer all my subject in college , and so my schedule to start work in lowyat plaza got postponed as well . 
Life stll goes on , so i having myself holiday for two weeks and well , my beloved classmate , studying in class for Advanced Chassis system . 
Both big Sisters is still at Pulau Pinang attending courses , and so as third sis which still at india , battling  her way out for her studies which is tough shit . Nevertheless , life still normal for rest for my friends . All of them just busy , isn't it ? Adam , he is busy with his hitz cruzer thing and Jenn , being stress always about her work . Callen , go lucky life now , and Isabel is busy with her work thing , interview , writing article and so on . 

Lately being sad , my bro got into his trial thing that he dreamed on . As young as he is , I feel that this kind of thing is immature enough .   And yet he is involving himself into all this kind of crap . I think it is necessity for people who to live in or surviving , such a stupid society where as gang or trial is controlling a city . I feel in a way , we need protection but we doesn't need to involve in trial for everything when comes the risk of taking our own life . 
Arrogance makes no difference in your life and It is already proven that you are more arrogant , you are more fuck up , you make no difference between animal and human being . For some reason , he just an ass who arrogant and wasting his precious money . You are fucked up . Discrimination , it happen all the places around , just that when you see to it . you doesn't know at all , how it happens and when it happens . It is just so random . And i writing this now , because i'm at my dad's wad freely using my free time . ;D  

Love , lets us don't talk about it now . I really tired . Hoping that someone will show up for me to lean on but It just no one that appear , feel sad though . I'm not sad , emo or whatsoever . I just feel you are wasting my time . Thats all . The end .


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Another month passed .

Soon will be month of october .  aww!